About Us


Who we are

 HKB Appraisal Management is owned and operated with the customer and lender in mind. With over 25 years of real estate experience and knowledge of the lending necessities, HKB prides itself in making the process easy and simple. Appraisal management should not delay and/or hold up real estate transactions, but rather help and facilitate the process to make it easier for both the customer and the lender. We aim to keep it simple and streamlined! 


What we do

 We are an appraisal management company that can handle appraisal orders in a timely manner in our approved licensed states. HKB's number one goal is to facilitate the ordering process with the most hands on approach and communication that can be established. 

The worst thing for the AMC appraisal ordering process, is to not have great communication! Our goal is to provide that communication that eliminates many complaints that AMC's have today. Lack of communication between the AMC and the lender makes it very difficult to handle a solid loan pipeline. Prompt service is what you need and is exactly what you will get with HKB Appraisal Management.